Green Solar Energy
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You Should Be Thinking Solar!
Energy prices are rising, you want to get back some control in your budget and save money. You want an investment which can generate a positive cash flow. You want to keep you homes' resale value from decreasing anymore. The government is offering free cash: substantial tax incentives and rebates for solar. There is great concern
Solar Power Systems about the environment and our carbon Solar Power Systemsfootprint. The reliability and Solar Electricefficiency of solar is now proven Residential Solar Powerand accepted. My neighbors are Residential Solar Powerputting pv panels on their houses.
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Green Solar Energy
Solar Energy A Better Solution
Imagine where you can control your energy cost while everyone else is complaining about the ever increasing utility bills. Imagine the relief to your family when an emergency happens, shutting down the electric grid, and your home is lit-up because you chose to put in solar. Imagine the face of your investing friends when you talk about the cash flow of your solar investment, while they lament about their 3% returns. Imagine the pride of your kids when they do an energy audit for school and the carbon footprint of your home gets them a reward because of your foresight to install solar. Imagine ...
Solar Installation Why People Choose Us
Hassinger has been providing technology solutions to improve comfort, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of the home since 1982. We have the experience, the know-how, and the customer 1st orientation, to make your first impression with solar a long and prosperous relationship. More importantly, we are not here to sell you a solar product, but to help you use technology to improve your way of life. Solar is not for everyone, we want to make sure if it is for you. If it is, then we will make sure you get its full benefits.

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